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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorships

The most common and simplest form of business is a sole proprietorship. Many small businesses operating in the United States are sole proprietorships. An individual proprietor owns and manages the business and is responsible for all business transactions. The owner is also personally responsible for all debts and liabilities incurred by the business. A sole proprietor can own the business for any duration of time and sell it when he or she sees fit. As owner, a sole proprietor can even pass a business down to his or her heirs.

In this type of business, there are no specific business taxes paid by the company. The owner pays taxes on income from the business as part of his or her personal income tax payments.

Sole proprietors need to comply with licensing requirements in the states in which they’re doing business, as well as local regulations and zoning ordinances. The paperwork and formalities, however, are substantially less than those of corporations, allowing sole proprietors to open a business quickly and with relative ease – from a bureaucratic standpoint. It can also be less costly to start a business as a sole proprietor, which is attractive to many new business owners who often find it difficult to attract investors.

Advantages of a Sole Proprietorship

  • A sole proprietor has complete control and decision-making power over the business.
  • Sale or transfer can take place at the discretion of the sole proprietor.
  • No corporate tax payments
  • Minimal legal costs to forming a sole proprietorship
  • Few formal business requirements


Summary: Advantages of Sole Proprietorship

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          It’s the most common and simplest form of business in the United States, and they’re everywhere you look – even in Grand Rapids! It’s because there’s not a whole lot of entrace barriers. Businesses can open and close quickly and with ease. The paperwork and formalities is a whole lot different than that of a larger corperation. They just need to comply with licensing requirements in the state(s) that they’re doing business in.

          For example, they must first obtain authorization. A business license (an authorizaation from the local government,) is an example of that. Next, they have to get the site permit, allowing them to open shop. Lastly, they’ve gotta come up with that catchy name. Some use their own name, but others choose not to. This can take only a day or two to complete. And it’s just as easy to close up shop!


Yeah, I suck..

So, to be quite honest with you, I completely forgot I even had a blog. How’s that for honesty? Well, a bunch has happened since my last post, and I don’t really feel the need to go through it all, so I’ll just cap a ton of highlights.


Marching Band!
So, as you may have figured, I’m in Colorguard. This was my second year (third show, though) with the GRMB. Our show this year was titled ‘The Darkest Hour’, and it’s about Motzart going insane. It’s an awesome show, and I’m terribly sad to see it go, but it was a great season! We won top colorguard at all but one of our competitions (AA, AAA, AND AAAA sections, and we competed 6 times,) and the band also won top Drum Major twice, top Percussion twice, First twice and second twice! Not only that, but we played at mutiple football games, and our last one is this Friday. Sad face. 😦

But along with Marching Band ending, some things start up. WinterGuard starts up in two weeks, and that shows some promise of being better than last year. Pep Band starts in a month and a half(-ish). And school actually starts… Which in hindsight, isn’t a happy thing, but it’s a part of life, I guess. Plus, that makes more time for things like this; blogging! Yay?


Well, my iPod’s finished updating, and there’s some stuff I need to fix on it… so that’s all I’m gonna write for now. See ya later? I guess…


Out with the old; In with the new

So this weekend, my mom brought home a new Lenovo laptop for me. My old computer, also a Lenovo, is still in great condition (In fact, I’m blogging from it right now. The last blog from it…) But anyways, I just wanted to write about how I felt about giving this old one up.

I feel like I’ve been through so much with this computer. And it sounds weird, yeah, but it’s the truth. There’s so much more I’d like to go into depth with, but long story short, no matter what happened with my friends, my family, school, boys, or whatever life threw at me, I could always count on my laptop to be there. I could write it all out in a Word document and publish it on here, or I could just save it for a rainy day. But anyways, selling this laptop kind of feels like I’m also selling my last two years of high school. I dunno. It’s just kind of weird, and surreal, to be looking and seeing EVERYTHING from the past two full years, and thinking that it’s all just gonna be wiped off within the next 24 hours…

Two (Almost three…) years of pictures, music, websites, and just stuff… Gone. Wow.

The Chicken Dance, Keys, and so many more other things…

So, I realized that I haven’t really blogged in awhile. So let’s do this once again.
I suck at blogging, blah blah blah. I need to post more, yaddayaddayadda.

Anyways, here’s what’s up.

So, this summer has been awesome. I’ve gotten my license, I’ve turned 16, I went on a mission trip to Philadelphia, my own story has come true at last, and I’ve actually gotten to be kind of legit at colorguard. Now, that’s not all, but that’s some of the major stuff.

Now, to elaborate…

License/Turning 16 – I think this is pretty self-explanatory. I mean, I can now drive pretty much where ever/whenever I want. With permission, and with a ton of restricions. But, I’m licensed and I’m 16, baybay. :]

Mission: Philadelhipa: This trip was SO amazing. I became super close with people who I probably wouldn’t usually get to be this close with. This trip helped me find out so much about myself, and it made me see how truly blessed I am. There’s so much I wish I could say about this trip, but, this is just a blog, after all. And I don’t really know how I’d say it, I guess.

My own story coming true: I just have one thing to say on that, because this is a public blog. And that would be :]

Anyways. What’s up with the title is tonight I was messing around with my webcam, and I took this goofy picture of me, just holding up my keys and wearing these pimpin sunglasses that I got at the beginining of the summer. (I spelled *Begining wrong. Ohdwell.) And they’ve kinda been there the whole time, through everything. Through… Literally… Everything. So I felt that the picture had some significance. The glasses, being there the whole summer, was symbolic for Summer itself. The keys representing turning 16, and getting my license. On my keys, I have this key chain that one of my kids at Vacation bible school made me. VBS was where it all started, I guess you could say, so that’s symbolic for Philly AND for my story coming true. So, I guess, I just kinda wanted to blog about it.

But one extremely sad thing happened this summer that’s going to completely change this year for me.

One of my best guy friends, Jack McArthur, died of a drug overdose. Keanie told me they weren’t sure if it was accidental, or if it was intentional. Jack helped me through a weird time, just, weird. And I’d be lying if I said that hearing of his departure didn’t tear me up a bit. I know he’s in a good place, because he really is a good person. I’ll miss him a ton, and I know a million others who feel the same.
He’s still here, though. I feel his presense when I’m about to say something stupid, and something I really shouldn’t say, and then I don’t say it. And I probably save my butt. Jack, I know I already said this, but stay close to us. Don’t stray too far, at least until we join you when we’re all old and stuff. Anyways, this portion of the blog is like, dedicated to him, I guess.

Sorry for typos and stuff. I know. I suck.
Oh well. Thar’s a blog fer ya!



Well. I kind of suck at blogging, but we’ve already established this. I don’t really know why I’m even writing at this late hour, but I know I feel like writing something, and God knows I’ve lost touch with my role play characters long ago. So maybe I can become in touch with my own role in the play of life right now. I don’t even know why, but I’m confused. And I shouldn’t be. I mean, this is just the start of something that could be completely legit, and I just can’t even get used to the idea yet! But anyways. I just feel like writing something, but I don’t know what. So. Lessee here…

There’s one thing I want to write about. A love story. But as I said before, I’ve lost touch with those characters long ago. See, the thing isn’t that I don’t like role playing anymore, it’s just that it’s not capturing my intrest. Now that I’m living out my own romance story, I don’t feel the need to make one up as I go along, waiting to see what the other person typing into their own computer has to say to it. Not to mention, some times that other person is always peeved at me for not replying when I should. I dunno.

Okay, this is going to be a fail of a blog post… But I just kind of feel like typing, too. And I don’t know why. I mean, it’s pretty much 1:30am, and I am really, really tired. There’s just too much on my mind? Yes. Let’s go with that.

So… I could try talking about what’s on my mind? But then again, I have no clue who will even read this. But I guess I could talk about one of the things that’s been on my mind for about a week now.

Age. My age. I know I’m still young, at only 16 years of age. Now that I have my license, I feel so much older than I did a month ago. Plus, I’m going to be a Junior in high school. This didn’t really hit me until I’ve recently started dating a guy who will be a Freshman (Which seriously doesn’t bother me at all – I really like the guy, and it’s going good so far! Plus, if we’re both happy, who cares, right? Right :]) BUT anyways. I guess I feel like high school is just slipping away, and I haven’t even started to enjoy it thoroughly yet. You don’t really feel like you’re in high school until Sophomore year anyways, because that’s when all the perks started. For me, anyways.

Sophomore year was pretty good. Snowball was awesome, being part of the band was an amazing honor, and being able to go down to the cities twice (once spending the night!) to cheer on our teams at state was what I felt like high school really should be about. You’re supporting a team who’s been doing good, you’re with your friends, and everyone has at least one thing in common. But now… I only have two years left, and I know that while I’m in the two years, it’s going to drag by, I’ll be insanely stressed, and I won’t be able to enjoy it enough. Is what I’m worried about missing out on things that I would like to do, but just won’t have the time? Or am I worried about being too busy for my friends? Plus, it’s summer.

Maybe I’m only thinking about how I’m almost done because of the past two days. Even though only yesterday was understandable as to why it was an amazing day, they both still went by fairly quickly. And I didn’t want them to end.

Okay. This is already a horrid blog post… But… It’s actually helped me think through a few things. I’ll just post it anyways, to keep my blog… ‘recent’… Because I care about my blog staying up to date. Yup.


Anyways, peace out home dogs. I’ll try and blog more, but, I also say that every time I leave for two months, then come back with either a crap load of school assignments to post, or with a huge blog post like this to post.

If you read through this whole thing, here’s a cookie for trying to follow it.


Sleep well, and don’t smell bad

Cut the clip, paste the music

There’s just something about editing movies that I just really like. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m the only one who sees all the peices that where taped, or I’ll be the first one to see the finished product. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I’m the one who’s in charge of the final product. You could have the worst footage ever, but with a few clicks of the mouse, that can easily change. I also like the part where I can insert any music I want, and where ever in the movie I want it to be.

So… Why the random post on editing movies?
Well. Instead of thinking of what I could possibly blog about, I was editing my final Ad. English project. Now that it’s done, I realized… I really love editing movies. There’s just something about it. Awhile back, I made a marching band video. It included pictures and video that I had taken through out the season. I had made it just to be able to remember that super awesome part of my Sophomore year, and whatever the reason, I posted it on Facebook. I was flooded with comments and ‘likes’ of how good it was, how I could possibly start a career in editing. That got me thinking. What if I did edit for my income?

So I decided to blog about it. I mean, I’m pretty good at editing, but I know that I have so much more to improve on. So. Yeah. I blogged about it.

Quarter life crisis?

So I guess this is going to be the strangest blog post I’ve ever dome, because, well, it’s the strangest circumstances. I’m jere in Florida, the last night of vacation, 3am, and I can’t sleep. I trilled around for a little while, but this… Thing just keeps burning itself in the back of mind, I guess.

So for awhile I’ve been working on what I think the meaning if life is, but it’s not exactly going the best. I’m nit exactly even close to my midlife crisis yet even, but I want to know what I should be working towards, what I should be looking for everyday. I’ve pretty much found a few times where I’ve been happiest, written them down, and not really developed it from there. So… I know I have like, no readers, but if you’re interested in hearing my take on it, comment or something, and I’ll post it when I’m not typing on my iPod touch, but a legit compy with a legit keyboard!

I blog in history!

Yeah yeah yeah… I know. I totally and completely failed on my New Year’s resolution. But I have reasons. I’ve been swamped with school, I don’t have web one anymore so I dint usually get on the computer during school.

But hopefully that will change soon. I just got an iPod touch (which is what I’m blogging from now,) and I promise I will try to blog more from this. Anyways. Yeah. I don’t have a ton to say other than what I just did, but I’m going on vacation next week, so I may or not be blogging at all next week. Depends on how it all goes, yo. Oh, and let me know If some of the words in here where a bit off and/or weird. I know iPods aren’t really known for typing documents (or anything, really,) and the autocorrect is still an instrument I’m getting used to, so bear with me. Thanks for reading, and again, I know I suck at posting regularly…

English Project – But could it count?

Yes, I wasn’t able to post a blog post yesterday. But I was kind of busy, and now that I’m done with Web 1, I don’t have as much time to kill with a computer. So I hoped that I could kill two birds with one stone – do my blog post and finish my part of the english project. So, here goes.

My part of the English project is to find a song that relates to a short story we read. The short story is “Burning Books” and the song that I selected is “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. And here’s the project;

The short story, “Burning Books” by Asne Seierstad relates to the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. They’re both sad, and they both have to do with lost hope. In “Burning Books,” the main character, Sultan, loves books. He collects them, and opened his own bookshop when he was a teenager. But the Taliban didn’t like the books he had chosen to sell, especially the illegal books and publications. They burned all the books they found of his, and hauled him off to prison for a year. Sultan was losing hope. Even though books where getting smuggled in for him, and he went back to his book shops when he was released from prison, he had lost hope. In the song “Piano Man,” Billy Joel sings about people who had lost everything. He talks about a man who asks him to tell him about the golden times that Billy had when he was younger. He also speaks about the bartender, John, who hates where he is and knows that he can do much better, but he can’t get out of his situation. Both the song and the story have people who are low on hope, and therefore relate to each other.

Yeah, it’s Finals Week…

Another week, another blog. Actually, it’s not really just another week. It’s one of the biggest weeks of the year.

It’s semester finals week.

Actually, finals weren’t too bad. They where just stressful, as all finals are. But why do we stress so much over finals? It’s just another test, isn’t it?

Wrong. Finals are just a test, but they’re testing to see what you’ve learned [so far] in the whole year/semester. Honestly, I’ve never had a legit final until this year, because teachers just didn’t give them out too much. (I’m only a sophomore, so there’s plenty of time for that to change, ha ha!)

I guess I don’t really have much to say on finals, because I’ve only had a few, and they where all today or yesterday, so I’m just glad they’re over.

I’m sorry. I really don’t have much to say on the subject. Finals. That’s about all I can say. Finals are finally done. (Yeah, I guess that works…)